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Life insurance is an integral part of any financial plan, however, most industry professionals are kept in the dark regarding the real value of an existing life insurance policy.

At PolicyAppraisal.com, our mission is to educate financial advisors about the value of life insurance as an asset that is worth more than its cash value – and more than its intangible value as a financial safety net. Many appraisal clients choose to sell their policies on the secondary market as life insurance settlements.

At PolicyAppraisal.com, we know what investors will pay for viatical and life settlement transactions. Each member of our executive team has more than 25 years of experience working within the life insurance settlement industry. Wm Scott Page, the organization’s founder, is a pioneer of the life settlement industry and has unmatched experience, knowledge and funding relationships within the secondary market.

Our team has developed proprietary systems and analytics to quickly identify the secondary market value or cash offer value of life insurance policies. We know how to streamline the life insurance appraisal process and add more value than a traditional life settlement broker. By removing the middlemen and transactional “noise,” we can deliver real results versus empty promises and false expectations.

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We are industry pioneers and leaders: Call us and find out how our new approach can add more value to viatical and life settlement transactions.

Below is a brief timeline reflecting our hard work and dedication.


Performed one of the first life insurance settlement transactions.


Founded one of the first life insurance settlement companies in the world.


Started the first life insurance settlement trade association and served as its founding president


Worked with insurance regulators to draft model regulations for the industry.


Led efforts to grow the industry’s impact by serving seniors who were facing mainstream illnesses.


Pioneered efforts to enable policyholders to sell only a portion of their coverage so death benefit coverage remained for beneficiaries, known as “sell half, keep half” settlements.


Developed early strategies to enable term policies to be converted to whole or universal life policies and sold as life settlements.


Created the first national direct consumer advertising campaign featuring Betty White


Led industry shift to institutional capital sources, helping make life settlements a financial instrument supported by Wall Street.


Led efforts to bring advanced actuarial science to life expectancy within the industry and developed complex life insurance policy portfolios.


Developed the industry’s first life expectancy calculator.


Became advocates for policy appraisals so that policyholders and their agents and advisors understand the value of life insurance as an asset.

We have assisted in thousands of transactions and put millions of dollars in the hands of insurance owners from policies that would have otherwise lapsed. Life insurance policy appraisals are invaluable tools for anyone advising seniors about their long-term financial plans.

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