Life Insurance Policy Appraisal FAQs

Q:  What is

A:  We are life insurance policy appraisal experts who can quickly identify the secondary market value or cash offer value of life insurance policies.  We also assist by efficiently converting or selling the policy and eliminating unnecessary middlemen from the transaction.

Q:  Can Agents and Advisors earn fees?

A:   Yes, we partner with agents and life settlement advisors to help identify valuable life insurance policies for the secondary market and we pay referral fees.  In most cases our fee structure is much higher than those paid from traditional life settlement brokers.

Q:  Are you a life settlement broker?

A:  No.  A life settlement broker is a middleman and does not provide the same services.  If you would like to be or work with a life settlement broker, you must follow the complex regulatory requirements that may include being registered or licensed with the Department of Insurance and have your activities documented and reported.  These requirements differ from state to state.

Q:  What makes so unique?

A:  Our CEO is the founder of the secondary market for life insurance policies.  And our management team has been providing life insurance policy appraisal review services for the secondary market since 1989.  We have developed proprietary systems and analytics to quickly identifying secondary market value or cash offer value of life insurance policies.   We also have unique experience and long-standing relationships with aggressive capital markets participants who specialize in buying, holding and managing these assets.

Q:  What information is needed to determine if a life insurance policy would qualify to sell on the secondary market?

A:  All we need is a current, in-force illustration for the initial review.

Q:  What if my client would like to proceed and sell their life insurance policy?

A:  Based on the specific transaction, we will identify a respected, experienced and regulated entity that will work directly with your client to complete the transaction quickly – without the traditional middlemen to add confusion and unnecessary delays.  We will keep you fully updated throughout the entire process.

Q:  How can I get more detailed information regarding your life insurance appraisal services?

A:  You can call us at (800) 286-3738 and schedule an appointment with one of our life insurance policy appraisal experts.

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