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We are life insurance policy appraisal experts who can quickly identify the secondary market value or cash offer value of life insurance policies. We also assist by efficiently converting or selling the policy and eliminating unnecessary middlemen from the transaction.

We know how frustrating it can be to wait months at a time for a response on an insurance policy appraisal. While you will find this in the traditional life settlement market, this is not the case with our team.

What makes so unique?

Our CEO is the founder of the secondary market for life insurance policies, and our management team has been providing life insurance policy appraisal review services for the secondary market since 1989. We have developed proprietary systems and analytics to quickly identify secondary market value or cash offer value of life insurance policies. We also have a unique experience and long-standing relationships with aggressive capital markets participants who specialize in buying, holding, and managing these assets.

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"I’m Scott Page, and you have my word that we pay outstanding referral fees for qualified leads that convert to a cash life settlement.”
- Wm. Scott Page, CEO of

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