Ways to Protect Seniors Against Identity Theft

Identity theft is a major issue for people of all ages. However, elderly people are especially at risk, as one in ten Americans who are 65 or older and live at home will become victims of elder fraud. Understanding how to prevent identity theft is essential in keeping your assets well protected at all times. […]

How a Policy Appraisal Protects Client Privacy

Privacy issues have been at the forefront of the life settlement industry since it began more than 25 years ago. The industry pre-dates the landmark Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), and from its earliest days, we have had concerns about the private information of policy sellers being mishandled during a life […]

Everything You Need To Know About Life Settlements

Buying life insurance is a great way to keep your family protected in the event of a tragedy. However, you may want to sell your life insurance policy eventually. You may no longer need the policy, or your policy is reaching near its expiration date. A life settlement is also another way to supplement your […]