Life Settlement Market and Economic Fallout from the Global Shutdown

Nearly 13 years ago, the life settlement market underwent a massive shift due to the 2008 financial crisis. Medical underwriters modified actuarial assumptions, and the financial crisis resulted in a convergence of events that massively impacted portfolios and caused investors to remain wary of the asset class. However, today’s stock market valuations are reaching near-record […]

Financial Planning for Elderly with Cognitive Decline

Helping elderly parents or older adults with financial planning is a reality for many people. Making plans in advance is essential in staying proactive while avoiding many problems. Unforeseen health issues can make it nearly impossible to pay the bills from their checking account if the son or daughter doesn’t have the authority to disburse […]

Interest in Life Insurance Grows as Applications Increase

The number of people 71 and older buying universal life insurance continues to rise in the United States. According to an activity report from MIB Group, the individual life insurance application volume went up by 11.7% from April 2020 to April 2021. Life insurance application activity also experienced an increase of 18.5% in March 2021. […]

Term Life Insurance Conversion Option and Life Settlements

Many senior clients over 65 years of age aren’t aware that a term life insurance policy (if convertible) can be sold on the secondary market for a significant cash payment. Using this strategy can be an effective method for qualifying seniors that don’t need the coverage but are looking at ways to optimize the monetary […]

Life Settlements as a Hedge Against Inflation

For agents and advisors who are under 50, the term “inflation” does not have a huge meaning beyond the textbook definition. Most folks from Generation X and younger did not experience the specter of inflation that haunted the 1970s – but their clients did. Many baby boomers, who are prime life settlement candidates, were coming […]

Older Seniors Increasing Factor in Life Insurance Applications

According to the latest stats from MIB Group Inc, consumers 71 and older continue to remain active in the individual life insurance policy application market in the United States. The activity report for new individual life applications highlights trends across all age groups. Understanding these various aging population trends is important in keeping up with […]

Millennials Depending on Boomer Parents for Financial Assistance

The skyrocketing prices of houses across the country are making it difficult for millennial first-time home buyers. Saving up enough money for home buying isn’t easy for most millennials, as many need financial assistance from their baby boomer parents. The high demand for new homes and the limited supply force many kids of the baby […]

Life Settlement Transaction Safety

Many older Americans need extra cash and selling a life insurance policy through a life settlement is an excellent way to gain more money. However, some potential clients may have a few questions about life settlement risks. Understanding how to secure life settlements is essential before selling your life insurance policy. Fortunately, a life insurance […]

Excess Deaths in 2020, 2021, 2022 and Life Insurance Actuarial Science

Life insurance companies globally paid out $5.5 billion in claims related to COVID-19 throughout the first nine months of 2021 while paying out $3.5 billion for the entire year of 2020. Many in the insurance industry expected lower payouts due to the availability of vaccines. However, the death increase was primarily due to the Delta […]

Financial Advisors – When Markets Are in Turmoil, New Evaluations are Vital

Dealing with stock market turmoil is often unsettling, especially if your clients plan for retirement. However, life insurance coverage can play a crucial role for anyone planning to retire. Periodically reviewing the life insurance policies of your clients can help you determine if everything is on track or if you need to adjust their policy. […]