Know your Fiduciary Responsibility and Life Settlements

Many Americans are taking a much closer look at their retirement plans due to the potential for a recession. Advisors should play an active role in offering valuable guidance during these uncertain times. Current retirees are especially vulnerable to a downturn, as many live on a fixed income that isn’t always enough due to recent […]

Benefits of a Life Insurance Policy Valuation

Obtaining a life insurance policy appraisal can be beneficial for various reasons. A life insurance policy valuation is a crucial aspect of your overall financial plan, as it’s a good idea to perform frequent reviews to ensure the policy meets your expectations while also fulfilling your financial goals. You will need to evaluate several factors […]

Life Insurance Policy Valuation as a Client Service for Financial Professionals

Wealth managers play a crucial role in helping clients make financial decisions while also assisting in managing other vital assets. A wealth management advisor can even use life insurance as another way to help clients manage their finances. These financial advisors are trained to understand the actual value of a life insurance policy while determining […]

What Is the Secondary Market for Life Insurance Policies?

The secondary market for life insurance policies makes it possible for people who need to quickly create liquidity to cover expenses to sell a life insurance policy for cash. Unfortunately, even those who sell life insurance may not be aware of its existence, and far too many financial advisors don’t realize its potential. Read on […]

COVID-19 Leading to Lower Life Expectancy and Higher Life Settlement Values

The number of Covid deaths significantly impacted the average life expectancy in the US in 2020. The life expectancy for Americans decreased by almost two years due to the Covid death toll. These numbers will have a significant effect on the life settlement market. Researchers haven’t seen such a drastic decline in life expectancy in […]

Life Insurance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Understanding how the rise in COVID cases impacts life insurance is essential. Many people have questions about the different types of life insurance coverage available. Getting answers to pandemic insurance coverage questions is crucial in giving you much-needed guidance, whether you need term life insurance or a whole life insurance policy. Reaching out to an […]

Remembering Betty White

One of the biggest challenges in the life settlement industry is the lack of consumer awareness. The Lifeline Program focused on overcoming this problem by creating a marketing campaign with Betty White over a decade ago. Betty White is known as the first lady of television. She helped significantly extend the awareness of life insurance […]

Financial Advisors: Do Your Clients Have Hidden Assets?

Many American seniors are financially unprepared for retirement. Not being prepared for retirement can lead to stress and a wide range of problems. A financial advisor always plays a vital role in helping seniors prepare for life after work. Still, not all of these professionals are familiar with the value of a life settlement. Understanding […]

Can Insurance Companies Provide a Life Settlement Option?

For over two decades, many life insurance companies discouraged the use of life settlements. Some organizations even went so far as to forbid their agents from seeking a life settlement for their clients. However, some of the biggest life insurance companies are now offering some policy owners increased cash surrender values, which mimics the advantages […]

Are Life Insurance Companies Offering Cash Surrender?

Many people never thought that life insurance organizations would advertise policy surrenders rather than solely focus on acquiring new policies. For over twenty years, the majority of life insurance carriers opposed life settlement companies. Even some of these organizations denied their agents from seeking life settlement options for their customers. However, now some of the […]