Maximizing Privacy in Policy Appraisal Before Engaging in a Life Settlement

Policy Privacy

Data privacy is an essential concern, especially in the financial sector—it’s never been more critical to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information. As they navigate the policy appraisal and life settlement process, life insurance agents should prioritize their professional responsibility to protect their client’s privacy. In this concise guide, we’ll outline essential steps and considerations […]

How Financial Advisors Can Improve Senior Clients’ Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

Living in an era defined by rapid technological advancement has revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives. Digital platforms provide us with a level of convenience and access that we couldn’t have imagined several decades ago. Despite all the benefits, however, the digital nature of modern life can be overwhelming for the oldest members of […]

Life Settlements Thrive Despite Recent Economic Challenges

With consumer concerns impacting both the amount and number of life settlements in 2021, the global economic environment has shifted to a heightened state of inflation and rising interest rates that could result in a recession. The report forecasts an average annual volume of new life settlements of $5.2 billion for 2022 – 2031, driven […]

Understanding the Tax Rules for Life Settlement Proceeds in 2023

Tax season is fast approaching, which is why it’s essential to understand how the proceeds of a life settlement are taxed. Not all life settlements are the same, as the amount of tax you will need to pay on a settlement can vary significantly for many reasons. Reaching out to a tax expert or an […]

Fixed Income Seniors Affected by Recession Hardest

An economic downtime can often have a much more significant impact on seniors due to a larger percentage of their wealth being invested in the stock market. Understanding how to hedge against the effects of a recession is essential in today’s uncertain financial landscape. The Great Recession in 2007 resulted in a decline in median […]

Know your Fiduciary Responsibility and Life Settlements

Many Americans are taking a much closer look at their retirement plans due to the potential for a recession. Advisors should play an active role in offering valuable guidance during these uncertain times. Current retirees are especially vulnerable to a downturn, as many live on a fixed income that isn’t always enough due to recent […]

Benefits of a Life Insurance Policy Valuation

Obtaining a life insurance policy appraisal can be beneficial for various reasons. A life insurance policy valuation is a crucial aspect of your overall financial plan, as it’s a good idea to perform frequent reviews to ensure the policy meets your expectations while also fulfilling your financial goals. You will need to evaluate several factors […]

Life Insurance Policy Valuation as a Client Service for Financial Professionals

Wealth managers play a crucial role in helping clients make financial decisions while also assisting in managing other vital assets. A wealth management advisor can even use life insurance as another way to help clients manage their finances. These financial advisors are trained to understand the actual value of a life insurance policy while determining […]

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