New Technology Enables Agents to Text Questions to

When we first started working with the life insurance industry, it was utterly dominated by paper. Getting any information from an insurance company took seemingly forever, often requiring multiple conversations and repeated attempts to get information. The same was true when securing medical records and trying to get applications completed. Some months it seemed like our FedEx and postage bills were higher than our rent.

Thankfully, technology has changed a lot of the issues which slowed down the insurance industry in the past. The biggest one of course is the internet, but advancements like electronic signatures, cloud computing and electronic medical records have streamlined many aspects of the industry.

However, it’s still difficult to get very specific questions answered. Too often, agents and brokers get stuck on the phone asking questions, waiting on hold; or they have to run down that one person in their office who has specific expertise. Given COVID-19, who knows where that person is today because so many people are working remotely.

When we launched, one of our main goals was speed. We wanted to turn around a life insurance policy appraisal as quickly as possible. To do that, we have embraced technology to make it simple for agents to secure appraisals on behalf of their clients. We are now taking another step by offering a text messaging option to help agents get questions answered very quickly.

Today, if you have a question about a policy appraisal, you can send a text message to us, which will go directly to the mobile phone of one of our experts. You can do this anytime (day or night) or even on weekends. As soon as we are available, likely within a few minutes but at the latest the next business morning, we will answer your question or request thoroughly. We want to make sure that every step of the policy appraisal process is as quick and seamless as possible. We believe that embracing this technology will help us work more efficiently but more importantly, help agents and their clients.

Sending us a text is incredibly easy. Just visit from your mobile device and click on the “Text Us” box on the bottom of the home screen. It will auto-populate a text message and you can ask your question in moments. (Your carrier’s texting rates will apply.)

It’s also important that we remind everyone that when texting for business, it’s different than when texting for personal use. We are encouraging everyone to be more formal:

Be sure to include your name.
Try not to use abbreviations or internet shorthand.
Do your best to be as clear as possible.

Know that you also can pick up the phone and get one of our agents on the old-school telephone fast too at (800) 286-3738.

We know that agents frequently meet with clients at night and on weekends, so they can now send a text as soon as they have a question and get an answer soon thereafter. We encourage you to ask that question immediately via text, and we will get back to you as quickly as is humanly possible.

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