Many Seniors Need to Monetize their Most Stable Asset

One of the most widely anticipated provisions of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act is the one-time stimulus checks promised to Americans in the coming weeks. But many isolated seniors have been left understandably confused and nervous about whether and how they will receive money, or their retirements will be affected. Financial advisors have never been more important to their clients than they are right now. With America caught in the throes of a worldwide pandemic, most everyone has three things on their mind:

Keeping their families safe and healthy. There is nothing more important.
Surviving economic turmoil and uncertainty. Stabilizing portfolios to weather a storm such as this is also important.
What happens next? Once we defeat this global disaster as we know we will, families will be left with the challenge of rebuilding.

While clients shouldn’t expect their advisors to help them to keep their families physically safe, they are definitely looking to their advisors for help in surviving the financial storm and in ultimately strengthening their financial positions.

Most financial advisors know that life insurance is the foundation of any sound financial plan. With a solid foundation in place, clients have peace of mind in knowing that whatever happens to their investments, their family will remain on sound footing. With our incomes protected, we are able to withstand the volatility of the stock market.

As recent worldwide events wreak havoc on the market, life insurance assets are more important than ever. On February 12, 2020, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached an all-time high of $29,551.42. Less than six weeks later on March 23, 2020, the Dow plummeted to $18,591.93. That’s a 37% drop in less than two months. Add a record number of 3.3 million new unemployment benefit applications at the end of March with many more to follow in April and it’s easy to see that people who hold life insurance assets are better off than those who do not.

Amid all of the panic, wouldn’t your clients sleep better by knowing the true value of their life insurance assets? Now is the time to provide your clients with policy appraisals. Now is the time to let them know that they are better off than they think they are. Now is the time to bring peace of mind to your clients. Times like this are when they need reassurance most. Best of all, you are able to provide policy appraisals and peace of mind to your clients at zero cost to you and at zero cost to them.

Today, every financial advisor has a once in a lifetime opportunity to come to the rescue of his or her clients. Advisors who sit back and hope for the best will lose clients to advisors who communicate with their clients and prospects proactively. Now is the time to cement your relationship with each and every client you have by providing them with a current appraisal of all of their life insurance policies.

Now is also the time to go after each and every financial planning prospect you have spoken with. Fear is on your side. Most financial advisors are afraid to call on their clients right now. You can step in and be the voice of reason. You can be the voice of calm in this financial storm. Best of all, we’ll be by your side to help you to guide your clients through these turbulent times.

Give us a call and we will help you help your clients. We are here to provide life policy appraisals at no cost to you and at no cost to your clients. We are also here to refer you to the step-by-step help you need to enable your clients to convert their policies into cash whenever needed.

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